About How’s London

Me? Long term Londoner, living South West of the river – but frequently escaping to North West England, where I’m originally from. Writing about all aspects of life, in and out of London, particularly what I love most about these two very different places I’m lucky enough to call ‘home’. From restaurants, travel and recipes to the totally random.

I make a good list and a mean G&T.  Love restaurants but always order ‘the burger’.  Once studied English Literature, but now apply these skills to analyse high-end television dramas. Like to think I can chill out, but also known to hoover and bake at 11pm. Writing stuff in my head forever… Now finally putting it down in a blog.

Things you should know – I work in communications, but I write without any agenda and never about work. I write anonymously – (trying for once to keep a secret).

I hope you enjoy reading and please do share your experiences of life in and out of London with me too.

Thanks x



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