Washing London out of your hair

I can’t be the only girl in London to find that London turns my hair shit.

Last year I spent many mornings despairing as I dried my hair for ages and IT STILL LOOKED WET.

Picture of kerastase shampoo and conditioner and batisse dry shampoo

Kerastase. I can’t afford it, but turns out, I can’t afford not to use it now.

I  couldn’t figure out why – hard water? my age? my shampoo? the pollution? It was so bad I needed to use dry shampoo immediately after washing my hair as a matter of course. Naturally that gave me a lovely crunchy sprinkling of dandruff to finish off my look.

When I get out of  London and wash my hair I always notice a difference. It feels cleaner and more ‘free’- so I’m sure city-living plays a big factor.

This year I have been using Kerastase shampoo and its made a genuine difference. I don’t know what magic formulation it has, but it has put an end to the accidental ‘wet look’ mornings and makes my hair feel thicker, less dull and in better in shape.

I’m not suggesting my hair is perfect at all – it really isn’t and I still rely on a LOT of dry shampoo – but it now looks a lot less shit.

You can buy Kerastase shampoo and conditioner for £30 – but if you shop around you can usually pick it up for approx £2o. Rush hair salons often have sales.


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