Jackson & Rye – the usual place

London is supposed to be all about variety, but I do love a good routine.

Its nice to have a few familiar boltholes in this city to come back to, time and time again, to make you feel ‘part of it’, rather than on the outside.

In my friendship group there has been a movement towards finding ‘a usual place’ where we meet, rather than lots of email debate about the venue (god knows, its hard enough to find a date in our diaries).

This ‘usual place’ has recently become Jackson & Rye.

Pic from the Jackson & Rye website – because its also considered odd among my friends to take photos of your dinner when you should be eating

I have written about my adulation of good old USA cuisine before here and this is one of the main reasons I love Jackson & Rye. It reminds me of New York, with its All-American menu. They serve egg on steaks and proper skinny fries – you can choose between normal fries or shoestring fries, but there isn’t a whiff of a chunky chip (THANK GOD).

They also do fab cocktails and have nice dark mood lighting, but not so dark that you can’t see your food or your friends.

PLUS its in Soho, but you can book. So it isn’t one of these places that thinks it adds to the atmosphere or sense of exclusivity if you are forced to queue an hour in the street. Hate those places.

So you can’t go wrong with Jackson & Rye – it s definitely on to my top list of places in town to ‘meet and eat’.


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