Finding France in Wandsworth

If you can’t go to France, you could always go to dinner at Bellevue Rendezvous, as this quirky and cute little restaurant is one of the best (affordable) French restaurants south of the river (in my opinion as a English/Welsh national). .My friend first took me here in winter and introduced me to their fantastic ‘table d’hote’ offer of two courses for £20 – including wonderful onion soup and lemon chicken and mash.

Images of cookery books on display  at Bellevie Rendezvous

Cookery book browsing shelf at this cosy French place

The menu changes with the seasons and in a typical French style it makes no apology for waiting time or changes to the familiar fare. We went there for the onion soup – but they now  only serve ‘fish soup’ apparently and there may be no plans to reintroduce onion soup back for a while – which sounds totally ridiculous for a French restaurant but you forgive that because it makes sense they can’t just ‘defrost and microwave this stuff up’. It probably needs hours to cook, including some kind of some kind of wizardry.

I gather – from walking past a few times – the best time to come is the weekend, when families and groups of friends seem to descend to drink carafes of wine, read the papers and play board games.

This place is so authentic it doesn’t even seem to have a website but you can find out more information here

Oui tres bien x


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