London Sunday Blues

My first ever post starts with the Sunday night blues. Not just a London phenomenon, of-course, but as 5.30 strikes on a Sunday evening (the time I have completely un-scientifically decided SNB officially starts) there is a particular shift in the energy in this city.The trains roll back in, the buses at Clapham Junction are spluttering full and ironing boards come out all across the city with a collective sigh of resentment.

SNB was first described to me by my close friend and former housemate – (the daughter of two psychologists and therefore in my eyes, a total bloody expert) – and I always think of her (in a good way!) when I get that feeling of Sunday night dread. Which makes me feel a bit better. Thinking about the weekends activities is kind of cathartic too. So good things which happened:

  • Dinner with friends at Cah Chi in Earlsfield – a Korean restaurant. There is a BBQ embedded in your TABLE. And it is BYO. Therefore AMAZING. You should totally go. Sadly this contributed to total Friday night denial (FND = complete opposite of SNB) and me drinking so much wine unnecessarily in the pub afterwards that I was sick outside a petrol station for the first time, in probably my life.
  • Doing a city lit day course on starting a blog (ta da). My first course with them which was really practical and fun. I am so determined not to forget what I have learned I am staying up far too late on a sunday night to write my first post. I really recommend City Lit and want to sign up for some more things there – it is nice to learn about something totally different and they have loads of fun and random courses. Even basket-weaving. Why the hell not?

There were other nice bits too – like catching up with some friends I hadn’t seen for ages – but I am going to stop now before I sound like I have Competitive Weekend Syndrome – which is another very real weekend related syndrome and worthy of its own scientific abbreviation too.

Good night x


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